• Fall Deer | Natural Dye Sashiko Thread

    Nature to Color. All hand-dyed.

  • Fall Deer


    Upcycle Stitches

    Always for the best.

    Little by little, but surely.

    Fall Deer Natural Dye.


    Nature to Color.

    To find a color to match the aged fabric.

    Fall Deer is a dye artisan who started engaging her work into dyeing Sashiko Thread.


    [Curated by Upcycle Stitches]

    I believe it is our mission to support a rising artisan. When Fall Deer started her journey as a dyer, we


    Enjoy "one-of-a-kind" color from nature with the same good quality Sashiko Thread.


  • FD Sashiko Thread Feb.20 Collection

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    Mostly from Sakura, simply because I like Sakura.

    *DDA= Deep Dyeing Agent

    Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.1

    + Avocado


    Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.2

    + Avocado & DDA


    Sakura Vol.1

    + DDA


    Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.3

    + Baking Soda


    Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.4


    Sakura Vol.2

    + Baking Soda


    Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.5

    + Baking Soda



    Various trials


  • Product Details

    - About 145-meter length

    - Cotton 100 %


    The same Sashiko thread as Upcycle Stitches proudly offers. Please understand that the threads are all different, although we numbered with the similar color & same batch.


    The color will not be washed away by washing when it is washed in a reasonable condition (hand-wash with Neutral detergent). Please avoid bleach or any similar chemical. They are natural dye (some contain the dyeing agent to stabilize the color).

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